Audrey Marie Dyke

- May 5, 2024

Audrey Dyke was a devoted wife and loving mother of three. She left this world on May 5, 2024 at the age of 78. Although she struggled with her memory in her later years, she never forgot how much she loved her family, especially her five surviving grandchildren: Connor (26), Anna (22), Olivia (22), Sol (16) and Luna (10).

Audrey was born to Priscilla and Julio Chavez in Southern California on September 27, 1945. She grew up in a household with three young nephews and a niece, all of whom she adored. Growing up, she was very close to her three sisters: Josephine Aguilera, Christine Flores, and Cynthia Chavez (deceased). So, when she met her future husband, Airforceman Freddie Dyke, on a blind date and moved across the country to Virginia, she really missed her family back in California. Audrey and Fred settled in Orange County where they raised three children: Ginger Beaton, Robert Dyke, and Lucas Dyke.

Audrey showed her love in many ways. Her children wore wonderfully hand-sewn halloween costumes from colorful clowns to princesses and even ET. She made prom dresses and baked wonderful birthday cakes. Family and friends were in for a treat when she made tacos, enchiladas, pancakes, Thanksgiving stuffing balls, or sweet tea. Audrey was an avid crafter and she expressed her love by making beautiful cards and personalized books for her family.

Audrey enjoyed many years of worship at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church where she taught Sunday school for a number of years. Naturally sporty, she spent time bowling with friends and playing volleyball with a team in Madison County. Audrey enjoyed working at Plow and Hearth warehouse where she helped keep track of inventory.

Audrey left her family a legacy of beautiful memories and the gift of unconditional love.