Panzy Ann Williams -Jones

March 3, 1963 - August 23, 2023

Panzy Ann Williams-Jones better known as granny was born 03/03/1963 and went ahead of her love ones on 08/23/2023

Panzy was born in her hometown of Richmond, VA until her family uprooted and moved to Baltimore MD where she lived for many years and graduated from Harbor City High School before she met and married her husband Michael B. Jones (03/10/1983)

Panzy’s upbringing instilled a since of confidence that fostered a strength we rarely see today. she was not bound by our day to day social structure she was a strong fiery woman who never backed down to anyone & wasn’t afraid to speak her mind to anyone even if they held authoritative power but despite her sharp tongue lay a loving woman who raised two loving children who she daunted over well into their adulthood. She lived in many places through out of the United States and overseas as a military wife and picking up niche cooking skills during her travels. Renowned for her authentic cooking she loved to feed any and all young and old often sacrificing her own portion just to feed a neighbor in passing. Even if she only knew you for five mins best believe you are going to get some great food drink and maybe even cursed out (lol) and who knows she may even put you out.

Her 60 years of life cannot be summed up to a simple pamphlet; it will require shared stories voiced by her family and friends.

Panzy leaves behind her husband of 40 years two children Shomiko and Lacy. Her bothers Tony Williams and Mark Williams and a slew of family and friends including her dear friend Jerry .She was preceded in death by her mother Lorraine Armstead father David Williams Jr and her brothers/sister (David Williams III, Patricia and Rodney Armstead) and her grandson De’von (tenderoni) Lyles.