Connie Sardina

- December 6, 2023

Connie Sardina                December 6, 2023

Connie Sardina, deceased December 6, 2023, she was soon to be 81 years old. She lived with her husband Frank on a farm for 40 years in Centerville, N.Y., 10 years in Unionville, Va., and one year in Hudgins, Va., where she passed away.

Connie’s husband Frank lovingly described her as the most gracious, wise and common-sense woman he had ever known.

Connie is survived by Frank, her husband of 59 years; three children: Heather, Christopher, and Jonathan and their spouses; and 21 grandchildren (one of whom went to be with Jesus); and two great-grandchildren.

Connie was known to all who crossed her path, a special woman who loved the Lord and would that all would follow Him. She was outwardly grateful to God for the life given to her and never shy to express her love for Jesus.  She modeled and taught that the best path in life was to follow Him. In her heart she took joy in the fact that her children and their families have chosen the “best path.” Unknown numbers are out there who would freely testify to that.

Often throughout their marriage her husband commented that she “gave him life.” All through her life, friends and family would not hesitate to say in so many words that Connie was a beautiful person. Connie believed with all her heart the passage in 1Thes 4:13-18, that Jesus died and rose again, and she would not fear death but always hope to spend eternity with our Lord.

Final word from husband, Frank: be happy dear in the tranquility of heaven with Jesus.

You were truly a gift from God that I will never forget till I am called.


“Well done good and faithful servant.”