Nathan Benjamin Spindel

February 24, 1992 - April 25, 2024

On Thursday, April 24, a shining light moved unexpectedly from our world to spread his love and spirit into the universe... Our son Nathan was (is) an amazing and beautiful soul who left this world way too early for us, but who did so at a time of the universe's choosing to become something brighter. We know there must be a place of great joy that he is now taking an active role in making even more joyful with his smile and love...

I cannot even begin to touch on who this young man was and I am sure we will share more as the days and weeks flow, but here is the short list as we begin to collect the memories, his passions, and his persona...

• Dad’s late night TV buddy and mom’s early morning chatter!

• Tea

• Popcorn

• Pizza

• Eating a good apple

• A great laugh

• Star Trek

• SciFi

• Anime (books and figures)

• Football Season (the Eagles!)

• Cooking

• Frontier cooking

• Dog loving

• Loved by dogs

• Cat loving

• Space Exploration

• Sweet Human

• Happy Human

• Joyful Human

• Passionate Human

• Warm and Caring Human

• Loved his family

• Loved Christmas & Hanukkah

• Embraced his Judaism

• Loved partying with his cousins

• Working outside in the field

• Fishing

• Nature

• Driving in the country

• Comedy Podcasts & YouTube

• D&D

• Online Friends

• Dedicated Worker

• Hard worker

• Nostalgic (games and tech)

• Grammys smile!

• Awesome sense of humor!

• Fun loving!

• Great with kids… was a kid!

• Loved being part of Nick & Emily’s family and a godfather to Lief

We are all having a hard time believing that this is really happening. We will struggle to process the loss of a big part of our family, the change that this will bring to the spirit of our home, and the hole that Nathan’s passing will leave in our family and our hearts. (I can't believe that I even have to think about Nathan being gone from this world.)

We know many of you will want to reach out with thoughts and prayers and we will not be able to answer you all, but we thank you individually and collectively for this...

As a part of Jewish tradition, family and friends will be "sitting shiva" at our home from 3-6 pm each day for seven days. This is very informal and all are welcome to join us at any of these times to say a prayer and share memories of Nathan with us.


A memorial service for Nathan will also happen at 11 am on Friday, May 3 at Teague Funeral Home, 2260 Ivy Road Charlottesville VA 22903. We will then have a burial at Riverview Cemetery, 1701 Chesapeake St. Charlottesville VA 22902 immediately afterward and gathering time at our home for anyone who wants to help us celebrate Nathan's life...


As Nathan truly loved his adopted non-human family members, please feel free pick a favorite picture of Nathan and send gifts to the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA at:;!!M2D_dUfSiN4E!NGpoPf2kddIwBDdBbUtx1BOfladjoQFdfI43NYMKzN9tCXDvPtsnwVZ5H91FsHTtELFf0PIn3kU21y9jf7MWzJAG$[caspca[.]org]

There is a Hebrew prayer that comes up often that I will put out there for all of us…

“Oseh shalom bim’romav, hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu v’al kol-Yisrael, v’imru: Amein.”

“Oh you who ordains order in the universe, grant peace to us, to Isreal, and to all mankind.”

At this time of grieving and on into the future, wish share a hope for peace for our family as we try to move forward and wish nothing but peace to all who are suffering.