Roy Lee Farley

- May 8, 2024

Roy Lee Farley Jr., 92, of Piedmont Street, Orange, Va., died on

Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at the Brookside Nursing Home in Warrenton,

Va, He was born on June 11, 1931, in Staunton, Va., and was the son

of the late Roy Lee Farley Sr. and Rosa Eustler Farley. He is also

predeceased by a daughter Vicki Davis and a grandchild Gillian Farley.

Roy enjoyed a fulfilling life, dedicating his free time to his

favorite hobbies, including fishing, hunting, camping, and watching

Western TV shows. He found solace and peace in the great outdoors,

especially when casting his line into the water. Roy's love for

fishing was unmatched, and it brought him immeasurable joy throughout

his life. When it came to food, Roy had a particular fondness for T-Bone steak.

He relished every bite and savored the flavors that accompanied this

delicious dish. Professionally, Roy carved out a successful career in automotive.

sales. His knowledge and expertise in the field earned him respect

from colleagues and customers alike.

Roy is survived by his wife Carol Davis Farley of Orange; three

Daughters, Sherri Farley of Brooksville, Fl., Desiree Karanovich of

Warrenton, Va., and Rosemarie Troina of Land O' Lakes, Fl.; two sons

Michael Farley of Fredericksburg, Va., and Brett Farley of Richmond,

Va.; twelve grandchildren; Jason Davis, Carly Karanovich, Jacob

Karanovich, Stefanie Van Riper, Rebecca Schaffer, Amanda Van Riper,

George Van Riper, Joshua Farley, Jeremy Farley, Michael Farley Jr.,

David Powers, Jeffrey Kinney, and numerous great-grandchildren.

He leaves behind cherished memories that will be forever etched in the

hearts of his loved ones.

May his soul find eternal peace.